Excursions is a collaboration between the two of us, Rob Grundel and Dave Waller. Our live night is a monthly hip-hop jam where we invite MCs, singers and musicians to join our house band and see how far we can get from the set-list.

But Excursions is also becoming a vehicle for our other pursuits: Rob's a musician and programmer, and Dave's a writer, and the pair of us met through improv comedy – so we're also experimenting with stories, music and how to best communicate what we're doing online. It's about the process, not the thing.

The binding ethos behind all of it is to flow: like the freestyle MC, improv comic or jazz musician, we're going with our ideas, putting our energy out there and seeing what comes of it.

We're always up for linking with people who are out there doing their thing. If Excursions seems a good fit, get in touch:

Rob Grundel
07773 509 055

David Waller 
07976 750 567

For all news and website updates follow @excursionsflow.

Posted by on Oct 3, 01:19 am