Excursions presents Caxton Press - 4th July 2013.

Excursions presents Caxton Press - 4 July 2013

Excursions is back in Brighton! This time we’re bringing Caxton Press, a 3 MC, 1 DJ posse from London. Last year they released Shame the Devil which Wordplay magazine awarded Hip-Hop album of year. Featuring Amy True, MC Killa, Manage and DJ Snuff, Caxton Press bring a deep lyricism over heavy beats which will be brought by the 5 piece Excursions house band Unexpected Guests.

The band will also perform an instrumental set featuring tunes from their new beat tape, Line in the Sand. But they’re not done there. Excursions is all about going off-piste to put smiles on faces, and in the final set we’ll be ditching the plan and inviting guests up on stage to embrace the magic of spontaneity, creating songs on the spot and facing off in the character freestyle battle. We’re expecting some good friends to come through and bless the mic. Why not join us?