Excursions - 23 October 2012.

Dreama and Rhiannon VivianLeeNAndy Princz and Dave WallerAndy Princz and Dave WallerDavid WallerNatty Speaks and Dan TsuTat YinRhiannon Vivian and Natty SpeaksDreamaAdam HayesRhiannon Vivian, Natty Speaks and LeeNTat Yin

Thanks to everyone who came down to the Tamesis. Audience energy was great as always.

In this Excursions we had a goal to connect with London vocalists & MCs.

We talked with Dan Tsu of collective Lyrix Organix who brought down poet Tat Yin and energetic freestyle MCs Natty Speaks, LeeN and Andy Princz to the Tamesis Dock.

Unexpectedly we also had Dreama come down. Check out her material; she spits hot bars with a really nice vibe and message.

Also Unexpected Guests had a new bass player David Kyle Payne and percussionist Alex Atty, who threw a few depth charges into an already deep groove.

The highlights included:

  • the subtle poetry of Tat Yin exploring aspects of city living
  • Natty Speaks' toast fetishes and revolutionary stances
  • LeeN's wit and relentless flow
  • Dreama's quiet and deliberate words
  • the medley of Tribe (ExcursionsElectric Relaxation & Can I Kick It? and 90s classics (Regulate, Woo Hah & Simon Says)
  • MCs throwing it down over extended mixes of EMPD's It's Your Thing and J Dilla's E=MC2

So where does this lead us? More of the same next time but more focused with more of an understanding of flow, both of a set and the night in general. See you there.