Excursions 4th Birthday Party - 1 March 2016.

Birthday time.

We started Excursions four years ago with a hired boat, a couple of musicians and a mic lead that was so short you had to deliver your words leaning back on the bar. Showbiz.

Since then our house band, Unexpected Guests, have supported Public Enemy and backed everyone from Oakland MC Raashan Ahmad to TV’s Abandoman, freestyle phenomenon and “Ireland’s fourth best rapper”. At the same time we’ve been sending a wee four-person unit around London’s comedy circuit, improvising beautiful music to laptop beats and keys. Now we’re bringing it all back together – on a boat on the Thames – to find out what its current incarnation looks like.*

It’d be ace if you came too.

What’s happening?

As always Unexpected Guests is the house band
We are inviting special guests and Excursions alumni from the past 4 years
Other unexpected guests
Sad Eagle spinning unfathomably good records
Live art by Ben Connors

Free but if you dig it we’d love a £5 donation.

*Clue: it’ll be some kind of surprising, laugh-out-loudy, dancey family affair.