How the night works.

The Excursions live show is a rap night with a difference. It's a platform for MCs, poets and singers to share their voice and work with a live band, and an invite to us to lead them to places they may not have expected. The audience should feel welcome, connected, engaged and entertained. Yes there's a plan, but there's also space to let the night evolve into something completely unexpected and far more wonderful.

The band
Unexpected Guests are the engine of the night, rocking classic hip-hop beats as a musical bed over which the MCs can spit written verses and live freestyles. They also improvise live backdrops for spoken word performances, and sit pretty in the pocket for tight funk jams.  

Unexpected Guests comprises:
Rob Grundel: keys
David Kyle Payne: bass
Alex Atty: percussion
George Nindi: samples
Matt Allen: guitar
Adam Hayes: drums

The vocalists
Dave Waller is Excursions' regular Flow Promoter. The door is open to vocalists who want to come down and play with us – as long as they're up for a good time and some healthy experimentation. The same goes for musicians. Please get in touch in advance.

The audience
Will be involved in proceedings. Whether that's suggesting topics to inspire freestyles or choose which historical and fictional characters you want to see go at it in the battle finale, you will be heard. 

The DJ
DJ Mind Gap holds it down on the 1s and 0s between sets. Expect classic hip-hop and beyond. 


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